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As the popular saying goes, "First Impression is the Best Impression" your resume is your only chance to make a great impression. Hiring Managers scan your resume for just over 10 seconds and decide if you're a RIGHT FIT for the job. A well-written resume is Clear, Precise, and creates a Positive effect in the mind of the Interviewer. The Key points that need to be highlighted, language, vocabulary, the look and feel, font type and size, length of the resume, Spell check... Everything Matters..

Mrs Anandi Venkatesh is a dynamic go-getter with vast experience in Hospitality and Education sectors. She graduated with a B.Com from Bombay University. Anandi brings with her over 2 decades of experience in business management across varied industry sectors. She started her career in Australia as an Administrative support staff at the University of Canberra. She progressed from being an Administrative Assistant at the Faculty of Applied Science to independently managing the School office for the Graduate School of Education, mainly servicing both domestic and international post-graduate students.

Anandi moved to the Hospitality sector when her family business needed a full-time Manager to take control of all the paperwork relating to operating a business. This ranged from basic bookkeeping to departmental compliance, immigration matters as well as web-content management for the businesses. She is currently managing a couple of commercial properties owned by her family. Anandi possesses a vibrant personality and is passionate about what she does. In her spare time she does what she loves most - networking and keeping in touch with her loved ones. She also enjoys travel.

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